• Feasibility study
  • Collaboration in the general planning of the event
  • Identification of the possible locations for the event
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Preparation and management of the event’s budget and final balance sheet
  • Timing and planning of the different stages of the event
  • Legal and fiscal advice

Financial Management

  • Management of bank accounts and cash
  • Management of registrations, sponsors and suppliers in terms of issuing and receipt of invoices
  • Management of the payments to suppliers

Management of Exhibition Spaces

  • Identification and selection of the exhibition spaces
  • Drafting of the rules for the exhibitors, sale and allocation of the exhibition spaces
  • Drafting of contracts with the exhibitors

Scientific programmes

  • Definition of the scientific programme in collaboration with the client and with the support of renowned opinion leaders, including the planning of sessions and individual interventions
  • Collection and filing of the scientific reports
  • Processing and publication of the proceedings on paper, multimedia support or web

Management of registration fees

  • Financial management of registration fees
  • Secretarial services, CME accreditation

Management of logistics

  • Management of all logistical aspects related to events: reception and hospitality desk at the event site, audio-visual technical services, IT systems, hostesses
  • Management of external suppliers: catering and restaurants, interpreters

Graphic design and printing services

  • Design and creation of printed material and documents for the event (programmes, posters, invitations, badges, signs, CME questionnaires, data sheets for professors)

Services to the client

  • Management of all contacts and coordination of the speakers, moderators, experts and participants
  • Management of logistical aspects like travels and hospitality, issuing of the letters of assignment and payment of compensations
  • Reception and assistance at the event site

Management of hotel services

  • Identification of the location, hotel bookings and room allocation
  • Definition of contracts and other administrative aspects
  • Management of hotel reservations and allocation of the individual rooms to participants and/or groups