Technical Services

Simultaneous Translation

  • Bosch and DIS infrared simultaneous translation systems
  • ISO certified booths for interpreters with a single front window, ventilation and aeration, side windows and door. Size 1.60x1.60 for two interpreters, 2.40x1.60 for three interpreters


  • Professional video projections: DLP, LCD - front and back – and Led Wall
  • Digital video recording, with professional cameras
  • Triple-camera and quad-camera systems
  • Video direction – Scan Converters
  • LCD Monitors (15” – 21” – 40” – 52” – 80”) with supports or rear stands
  • Video conferences, video streaming, Polycom “spider telephone”



  • BOSE sound amplification and diffusion systems
  • BOSE professional amplifiers
  • Digital recording systems
  • Sennheiser and Beyer Dynamic radio and cable microphones
  • DCN Philips and Sennheiser conference systems


  • Professional lighting systems for shows, concerts, stage sets etc. with American moving mechanisms, stands, motorized lights 


  • Set designs, backdrops, setting up of meeting rooms with chairs, tables, poster panels

IT Services

  • Computerized slide-control centre with dedicated software
  • Network design and installation


  • Rental of laptop PCs, faxes, b/w-colour laser printers, b/w-colour photocopiers